Secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts to meet IBTRM guidelines.

Monetary Authority of Singapore applies to any global bank that wants to operate in Singapore. The Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management (IBTRM) Guidelines released by MAS aim to assist banks in:

  • Establishing a sound and robust technology risk management framework
  • Strengthening system security, reliability, availability and recoverability
  • Deploying strong cryptography and authentication mechanisms to protect customer data and transactions

As recent events have showed, information security risks are everywhere for banking institutions, including:

  • Internally, where rogue employees can compromise customer data and accounts; 
  • At the ATM, where skimming devices defraud customers; 
  • Throughout the transaction chain, at merchants and payments processors, where crimes force institutions to replace cards and rebuild trust; 
  • On customer PCs, where malware steals banking credentials 
As cyber security risks become more complex, dynamic and pervasive there is a need for a preventative approach to manage them. CyberArk’s Privileged Identity and Session Management Suites put the controls in place  for the best privileged account management to meet the IBTRM guidelines.
Key Benefits
  • Ensure accountability for every use of privileged or shared accounts. 
  • Secure privileged credentials and sessions in a tamper-proof and patented Digital Vault using multiple layers of security. 
  • Centrally enforce enterprise security policies and workflows for privileged access management which are flexible enough to meet diverse business processes. 
  • Audit and track every privileged account and activity with built-in or customized reports. 
  • Isolate privileged sessions from targeted and sophisticated cyber security attacks. 
  • Monitor every privileged session with DVR playback for forensic analysis.