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Ensure the highest levels of security no matter where data is accessed

Gain visibility. Impress the Auditor. Comprehensive Cloud Security

Cloud environments don’t have to be scary places. With the proper controls, visibility and security, your business can gain the economic benefits and flexibility of cloud computing without increasing risk. And your auditors will be impressed.

Public, Private or Hybrid

Privileged credential and account security in virtualized data centers and public cloud environments presents unique challenges. The addition of a hypervisor to the stack provides another dangerous privileged account vulnerability, enabling attackers to compromise all of the guest images, as well as the hypervisor itself. With a single privileged account takeover, a malicious user can provision, restart or move a virtual machine to a new physical host in a matter of seconds.

CyberArk's Privileged Identity and Session Management Suites enable enterprises and service providers to have strict control over internal and external administrators, centralized management across traditional and virtualized environments, and a complete audit trail of access to privileged credentials and command-level monitoring of privileged sessions.

Key Benefits:

  • Secure your virtualized data center from privileged account attacks and misuse.
  • Meet compliance requirements with a complete audit trail of cloud-based privileged credential and account activity.
  • Simplify privileged account management across virtualized and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Gain real-time insights into privileged account activity with continuous monitoring.
  • Enable a timely response to suspicious privileged account activity.
  • Proven scalability and manageability to deliver cloud security.