Sensitive Information Management Solution

Share, distribute and access data without putting sensitive information at risk

Convenient access.  Maximum protection.  One Enterprise Platform.
In today’s dynamic business environment that includes mobile, web and cloud-based interactions, users require convenient access to information wherever and whenever they need it.  The ability to confidentially share files internally and externally, as well as meet audit requirements, is a critical component of every business initiative.  At the same time, IT and security teams are tasked with securing information, providing reliable access and reducing costs to ensure business efficiency.

CyberArk Sensitive Information Management Solution is a complete platform for sharing and distributing information to users across systems using web, desktop, mobile and e-mail.  Developed with a focus on security, the solution includes patented digital vault technology, military-grade encryption and tamper-proof auditing designed to meet compliance requirements.

Organizations use CyberArk Sensitive Information Management Solution to address the needs of individuals sharing and accessing information as well as business processes requiring sensitive information collection, distribution and access. 

Key Benefits

  • A single platform for sharing information between users or in automated processes, providing convenient access through web, endpoint, mobile and e-mail solutions.
  • Multiple layers of security, including encryption in transit and at rest, protect data at all times. 
  • Enterprise-level scalability and reliability meets the needs of growing organizations including high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Trusted viewing of documents improves business collaboration, team productivity and cross-functional efficiency.
  • An intuitive web interface, e-mail plug-ins and mobile applications provide anytime, anywhere access to information , both online and offline, which improves user satisfaction and productivity.
  • Granular access controls allow users to openly share content internally or externally without introducing risk of unauthorized access.
  • One solution for server-to-server communications, user-to-user file sharing and encrypted e-mail streamlines deployment and management while maximizing investment.

Sensitive Information Management Solution Features & Benefits