Privileged Session Manager® for Virtualization Features | Products

Features & Benefits

  • Isolate & Protect Virtual Environments: PSM's proxy architecture directs all session connections to target virtual environments via the PSM server and using RDP initiates the privileged session. Infecting target systems with malware originating from administrator endpoints becomes very difficult.
  • Gain contextual insight to easily understand what is happening in a privileged session: continuous monitoring of live privileged sessions allows you to monitor what is happening in real-time and intervene with the session or terminate if necessary. For forensic analysis and auditing proof, PSM can record any activity that occurs during privileged sessions, creating a highly compressed and searchable DVR recording. All recordings are stored in the tamper-proof Digital Vault Server and can be accessible for audits and reporting.
  • Quicker Search & Analysis: Easily search for privileged commands within recordings and click to play from that 'point in time'.
  • Privileged Single Sign-On: Strong authentication to access hypervisor using 2-factor authentication without divulging privileged credentials or the need to deploy a complex SSO solution.
  • vCenter Security & Management Tools: Monitor and manage access to vCenter, ESX hosts and Guest systems.
  • Secure Remote Access: PSM allows browser based access to managed virtual devices. The network traffic is sent over the HTTPS protocol which enables remote and cross-network access without the need to open the corporate firewall to native protocols such as SSH and RDP.
  • Distributed and Highly Scalable Architecture: Allows for easy installation and location of multiple PSM servers on different network segments in a single product instance with centralized audit, control and user management.
  • Integrates with leading enterprise systems including ticketing systems, SIEM, enterprise directories, and more for more comprehensive audit insights and efficient process workflows.
  • Unified Audit View: PSM provides a centralized and complete audit view starting from who initiated the session and when, ending with a complete trace of all activities performed in the session.
  • Faster Deployment with No Performance Overhead: PSM can be transparently deployed without the need to install any agents on the hypervisor itself or change the network architecture.
  • Unique benefits when integrated with CyberArk’s Privileged Identity Management Suite:
    • Personalize hypervisor shared accounts and attain full accountability.
    • Automate privileged account management in the private cloud with Enterprise Password Vault® and improve VMware admin efficiency to discover and manage ESX hypervisors and all guest machines.