March 27, 2014

By: Matt Middleton-Leal, regional director, UK and Ireland

The European Parliament has recently approved legislation...

March 25, 2014

In February 2014, the Council on Cyber Security released version 5.0 of the Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense, its Top 20 Critical Secur...

March 20, 2014

Two days ago, security firm ESET exposed Windigo, a sophisticated malware attack that has hijacked m...

March 07, 2014

BusinessWeek recently published a fascinating article, highlighting that seventeen years prior to Ed Snowden releasing documents, analysts were warning the agency against jus...

February 26, 2014

As we mentioned earlier this week, the CyberArk team is out in full force at this year’s RSA Conference. While we trust you are learning a lot of exciting developments in the world of IT security while at the show, it is...

February 24, 2014

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for the IT security industry—NSA/ Snowden, PoS attacks on major retailers, DDoS attacks on US banks, you name it. But, like every year, it’s time for the industry to congregate under the spotlight of one of the biggest and most buzzed about shows,...